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Snap and Buttons


A SNAP CAP is the component part most likely to be used as the decorative feature on a garment. SNAP CAPS are available in a range of sizes, normally 13mm / 15mm or 18mm diameter, and in a variety of designs and metal finishes.

A SNAP CAP is one of the FOUR components that make up a FOUR PART SNAP FASTENER combination. – Snap fasteners are covered in detail in the next section. The button is usually a functional part of a garment that, when passed through a buttonhole, allows the garment to be closed or opened easily. It can be finished in a wide range of plated metallic and oxidized finishes. Custom designs and personalized logo tops are available.

Example : Jeans Button is generally used as a method of fastening for denim trousers or denim jackets. On childrenswear garments a Jeans button is also used as a fastening on Dungarees. A Jeans Button consists of 2 components – The Jeans Button & Jeans Button tack.

YKK manufacture various types of jeans buttons.

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