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September 28, 2021

Premium Service Management

Starting with a family business involved in selling local retailers, my parents ventured into applying for a partnership with a zipper company from Japan to become their sales agent.

This Japanese company has the name Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki gaisha or in English Yoshida Company Limited, known for its fastening products such as zippers, buttons and elastic, known as YKK.

The Yoshida family as the founders of YKK teaches a management principle which he calls the "Cycle of Goodness". It states that "nothing works unless it benefits others." In practice, this boils down to Yoshida's efforts to produce even higher quality at lower costs. It seems intuitive, but it's not easy to do. In the end, the secret to YKK's success is anything but uncomplicated or even impressive: YKK makes highly reliable zippers, ships them on time, offers a wide variety of colors, materials and styles, and never gets a bad discount. The apparel industry feels that you can't fail with YKK products.

This management principle is also the basis for the partnership between YKK and PT. Dwicahaya so that this business can run well through various obstacles in its business journey, such as the 1998 monetary crisis, the 2008 global economic crisis, even the new one that hit the global business world and has not ended until now, the Covid-19 pandemic. The various policies provided are very helpful for PT. Dwicahaya and customers who are registered under the management. Policies that really understand the situation and conditions that really happening.

This 30-year partnership has resulted in strong sales to hundreds of consumers in our region, West Java. This happens because of the continuous support from PT. YKK Zipper Indonesia as part of YKK Holding Group - Asia Pacific for product availability, on time delivery, even direct assistance from the Sales Department in maintaining the smooth running of this fastening business. This long journey also helped PT. Dwicahaya builds the foundation and character of a company that more or less absorbs YKK's own culture, such as the application of its own “Cycle of Goodness” principle to our customers. Until now, we have continued to develop and adapt to changes that occur in the world, whether they are related directly or indirectly.

In response to this partnership, we are fortunate to have a trusted business partner such as PT. YKK Zipper Indonesia who has extraordinary capabilities in making fastening products with a daily output of almost 1 million pieces, producing various variants of zippers, sizes and colors to meet the needs of consumers who move specifically in the apparel industry. PT. Dwicahaya as a sales partner emphasizes our business focus on excellent customer service. We provide free consultations regarding the use of YKK fastening and its application to your extraordinary products, ensure your order can arrive on time, and respond to your various complaints and try to get you a satisfactory answer.

One of the features of our service is a customizable order service. In other words, you can order a variety of zippers, sizes and colors according to your customer's request. With the support of advanced technology, all your orders can be received in 10 working days. With the right partner like us, your company can apply the Zero Stock Inventory method or the Just-In-Time method which incidentally can make your company more effective and efficient. You can reduce or even eliminate the special storage area for raw materials. Save on company operating costs.

As time goes by, we also improve our services to accommodate new market demands. With the help of computer technology, we strive to improve the quality of service to our customers and prospective customers. Currently, we already have software that is connected to the YKK production site, provides an order tracking feature for each customer, and finally develops an online help feature for consumers and potential consumers in finding information or conveying problems. In addition, our staff is also connected to this system and ready to assist in finding the right solution for you. PT. Dwicahaya as partner of PT. YKK Zipper Indonesia is committed to helping you create superior products in the Indonesian apparel industry. The excellence of YKK's products has been recognized globally and we make sure this superior product is a part of your special product.

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